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Puppy Questionnaire / Application

If you are interested in on of our puppies, or a particular litter, please fill out the form below. Fill in every field, in order for us to best match you to a particular puppy or litter. Thank you for your interest.

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(Please note: we breed and choose puppies based on temperament and talent first and foremost, not just color alone.)

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You and Your Potential Puppy

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Retriever Training - Waterfowl / Upland

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No matter who your trainer is, we recommend someone who is familiar with Goldens, and enjoys training them. Are you interested in learning more about the Retriever / Hunting Dog training programs we offer at SkyRiver Goldens?

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If you plan to train the pup yourself, do you follow any particular training program?  Please provide details here:

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** We do not sell dogs for breeding purposes, and we do not guarantee that any of our puppies will be "breeding quality" dogs **

Some field Goldens produce puppies with small white patches on toes, head, or chest that normally disappear with age. Are you opposed to ANY small white markings on your puppy?

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